Uplighting is one of the easiest ways to transform an event space from boring to WOW. It creates a unique ambiance and vibe for your wedding. Our lights can be programmed to create any color of your choice. Whether you want the colors static or changing, we can make it happen!


Pinspotting uses a focused beam of light to emphasize a special object or setting. Place them over every table in the reception area or just on your cake and flower arrangements. Pinspots are versatile, dramatic, and will allow your guests to marvel at your great taste in décor.

Custom Monograms

Custom Monograms, or gobo, are a flat steel or glass disc manufactured from images or text. Gobos are then inserted into a special lighting fixture which projects the image on a wall, dance floor or any surface you like. They are highly customizable and add a personal flair to your party.

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