Q: Can I schedule a consultation at my venue?

A: Yes! We do offer free on site consultations! We will schedule a meeting with you at your venue to discuss all lighting needs and to propose our recommendations.


Q: How many LED uplights will I need?

There are many factors when it comes to deciding how many up-lights you will need for your venue in order to achieve best results. Bellow is the most common way we would calculate how many fixture we might need.


1. Does your venue have any columns, arches?
Generally if any of these architectural objects exist the rule of thumb is: 1 (one) fixture under each column, and 2 (two) fixtures under each side of arches. Sometimes you might want to add 1 (one) fixture in between columns or arches that are separated by a wall section in order to give the room a more enhanced look/effect.

2. Sometimes we don’t have any of the architectural objects such as walls, or arches as described above.
Instead we have flat walls or sections of walls. In this scenario we usually place 1 (one) fixture every 6-12 feet depending on how full you want the room to look. And up to 2 (two) fixtures under each wall section.


Q. Is there a minimum of uplights?
A. We have a minimum of 12 up lights because we want to make sure your room makes an impact, and sets the right mood. If you use less than 12 up lights in 98% of the venues, the room will usually look as if you do not have any up lighting at all. In order to achieve the “WOW” factor that every couple is looking for, you will usually need 12 up lights in almost all cases.


Q: Will you travel to my city?
A: We travel throughout and outside of the country to service clients.


Q: What does the booking process entail from start to finish?
A: Many people ask us about the process involved with booking a lighting package. Below is a brief overview of what you can expect from the initial inquiry all the way to finalizing your design and signing the contract.

  1. Once you contact us we will request the date, time, and location of your event to make sure that it is compatible with our schedule.
  2. We will then talk with you about your vision. We will ask about things such as the style of your wedding and what type of mood you want to set. These details enable us to create a unique design that will fit both your vision and your budget.
  3. After grasping your vision, we will then put together an estimate. Once you have received your estimate, we go over it detail by detail in order to ensure that we are achieving your desired vision. We can also meet with you at your venue to show you some examples.
  4. Once we finalize the overall look, we will send you a revised estimate. Following, your review and acceptance of this estimate, we will send you a contract, at which point a 50% deposit is due and the remainder is due 5 days before the event.


Q: What do you do need for my custom monogram (gobo)?
A: All we need is a computer file of the image you would like to use with the Gobo. We would prefer .png, .jpg or .pdf files of the image.


Q: Do you provide services for events besides weddings?
A: Yes, we also provide services for corporate events, prom lighting, bar mitzvah’s, Quince’s, and private parties.

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